Our mission is to bring you More Sunny Days

Soda's unhealthy, so is alcohol, water's boring and life is hard. Leisuretown was designed to actually help you shine and Feel Golden.

Leisuretown Origins

3 friends, 1 Craft Brewer, 1 Cannabis Entrepreneur and 1 Chemist, who all grew up off Leisuretown Road, decided to create the healthy, social drink they were looking for.

Paradise Isn't a Place, It's a Feeling

Leisuretown takes you there.

Less is More

Less calories + less sugars = More Feeling Golden.

Stay Golden

25mg of the best CBD, low calories and low sugar was our recipe to help you Feel Golden.

Strain Management

Cannabinoids have been used as a therapeutic since Ancient times. Leisuretown's Broad Spectrum Hemp helps soothe the mind, body, and soul without the high.

Hangout > Hangover

Leisuretown, the coolest non-alcoholic drink in the world.

Welcome to Leisuretown.

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