Doug Walker | 2021-12-29

Let me paint a picture for you. Gold’s Gym c.2002, me, 13 years old, negative muscle, standing maybe 5 foot 4 with shoes on but probably closer to 5’2. I stepped on a scale and hit 200lbs exactly… that was my first real wake up call that I in fact was the sweaty, chunky kid. I’ve never forgotten that day, I never will. My past as an overweight kid turned health conscious, craft brewer prepared me to create the next wave of delicious drinks designed to help you chill.

Back then, pre-teen me didn’t think it was abnormal to crush a mixed 12pk of Pepsi and Mountain Dew with my Cousin Rory while playing Crash Bandicoot on the OG Playstation. Or find it wrong that my meal to accompany those sodas was Pop Tarts and a big bag of Lay’s Sour Cream & Onion. Nor me, nor my parents, really had any clue about nutrition back then, now we know better. 

I’ve spent the majority of my career in brewing. I started this career at the legal age of 21 while studying at UC Santa Barbara. Now, back then, I was a different person. I was at my fighting weight of 5’10, 180lbs and taking classes in Nutrition and Exercise Science but I loved the art of craft brewing. We’d create delicious flavor profiles using unique ingredients but I was looking for something healthier, something I could indulge in daily without any guilt… well, welcome to Leisuretown. 

Fast forward to today and unfortunately I’m still the same height as in college but back to my 6th grade weight of 200 lbs. Life is different, time is scarce. I have 2 businesses and had my first baby boy 11 weeks ago, working out is kinda an afterthought. Being strapped for time means making smarter choices wherever possible. If I don’t want to gain weight (my biggest fear next to balding and Great White Sharks) I have to be smarter with my diet. It was time to lean into my brewing background and create a legitimate "better for you beverage" - less calories, less sugars, less hangovers, less toxicity (ethanol is literally toxic)... less is more.

Leisuretown's advantage is we're everything our competitors are not. Alcohol is full of calories, kills productivity in the moment and future, leads to devouring an entire Pizza and most importantly, makes it impossible to be the father I aspire to be. We're not anti-alcohol over here, we just think it's time for a break. Soda is for kids, should probably be regulated as it's pumped full of sugar and empty calories plus totally not cool to bring to a party. Sparkling water was the drink of choice until I created something with more flavor, fun and the functional ingredient of 25mg Broad Spectrum Hemp to help the world chill. We combined the social elements of alcohol, the great taste of soda and the guilt-free indulgence of sparkling water to create Leisuretown's Sparkling Hemp Seltzer.

Here’s to Healthier Habits and a “better for you beverage” that’s actually better for you.


Stay Golden,

The Mayor of Leisuretown